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What is Ridecloud?

No matter where you’re going and for what reason, our goal is to always offer you the ride that is right for you. We combine multiple mobility providers, so that the amount of options you have is significantly higher than using one or two providers. We help you compare your options by price, location and type of ride, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Who can use Ridecloud?

Any adult can use Ridecloud to find rides nearby. It’s good to know, that specifically for carsharing providers ask for a valid driver’s license. Certain providers or cars require drivers to be 25 years or older. This might differ per car, and information is shown during the booking process.

How does Ridecloud work?

We help you select the ride that’s best for you among all of the providers. You are free to choose rides from providers you already have an account with, or those with those you don’t. In the last case, the provider requires you to sign up for their service before you are able to book your ride.

We are continuously improving our service. It is currently not possible to go through the full booking process withinin the Ridecloud app. After you select your ride and click book, we forward you to the provider, where you can book the car once you have an account.

What does it cost me?

Ridecloud is free. Payments are handled by the providers, so nothing you do within the Ridecloud app costs you money.

I can’t find a ride

That’s very unlikely to experience this problem in Amsterdam: However, if that happens, please drop us a line here. We will get in touch with you to help you book the ride you need.

The ride I selected is no longer available, why is that?

It might occur that somebody else booked that vehicle for the same period you want it. We aim to update the availability of the rides as frequently as possible.

A problem with the vehicle occurred

For problems related to opening, riding and locking vehicles please get in touch with that specific provider. You can find all contact details on the support page in the Ridecloud app.

Where can I use Ridecloud?

We are available wherever the mobility providers mentioned above operate. You can use the map to find available rides in various locations.

Is your question not answered above? Get in touch with us here

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