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Pick up your loved ones from the airport

A warm welcome right when they land! A smooth ride home after a long trip. Pick them up and drive them home with ease. Simply, reserve a car for a few hours and pick it up from around the corner.

Explore your new home!

Go places the train won’t take you. Show your guests your new home country and make memories together! Get a car from down the street on Ridecloud. Get anywhere with a small or bigger group.

Shop for your new home!

Making your new house a home takes a few visits to the hardware and furniture stores. In Ridecloud, you will find the right car at a good price just a few minutes away from you.

Quick errand in the city

Last-minute groceries or package pick-up. For any errand, get an e-scooter or (e-) bike on Ridecloud. Skip traffic and park anywhere free of charge.

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Who we are

We are building Ridecloud because we believe that by combining the powers of multiple mobility providers in a single app, shared mobility will become more transparent, accessible and easy to use for everyone.

We are an Amsterdam-based international team passionate about mobility and innovation. We believe that we can move around, faster, easier and affordably, while relieving our cities of congestion and pollution.

Bringing multiple providers in one place is only the first step. Join Ridecloud and be part of the mobility platform of the future!

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