This Valentine’s day… 5 tips to treat yourself.

Dear urban commuters, single parents, workaholics, trendsetters… it’s time to take a break. While on Valentine’s day so much time and money is invested into chocolate, gifts and flowers, there should be something else that you invest in… in yourself. Here are our five tips for this Valentine.

1. Commute comfortably.

Are you taking public transport to work? Being jammed in the metro or bus in the morning is no fun, specifically on this ‘special’ day. How about avoiding the fuss and grabbing a car to work? Or really treat yourself and take an Uber. With Ridecloud it’s easy to locate the nearest ride for you.

2. Take time to explore by yourself

Instead of going home after work, grab a bike at the nearest station and head out to explore your city! The days are getting longer so you can catch a lovely sunset on the bike while getting takeaway pizza and snacks for you and your dog. That’s right, who needs expensive restaurants on February the 14th.

loved ones

3. Every day can be a day for your loved ones!

Whether it’s a Monday, a much anticipated Friday or the weekend, there’s always an opportunity to surprise the ones you love. Instead of getting flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s day, you could surprise your partner, friend, kids or pet with a trip! An experience is often more valuable than an expensive gift. Explore the Netherlands together by driving to the countryside, the beach, or even take a two-day trip to check out the Belgian towns. With Ridecloud, it’s easy to access a car for the weekend.

4. Get lots of delicious snacks

How about trying out an exotic cuisine or getting that luxurious sushi you always see on your way home? Now is the time to treat yourself. Or you could just visit your grocery store and get a bunch of your favourite snacks. Make a cooking date at home and avoid the Valentine madness in restaurants. You can impress your date with your cooking skills, and if that goes wrong, there’s always Uber eats, right?

5. Make it a fun night out!

Pub crawl time! Gather your friends and organise your own mini pub crawl, make sure to include a favourite bar from everyone involved. Are you new in town? Join one of the local pub crawls organised for expats or locals. Make sure to taste all kinds of Dutch beers, and get home safe by ordering an Uber!

Whether you will stay at home for this Valentine’s day or you’re planning a date or a fun night out, we’d like to remind you to show love and kindness to yourself. You are your own best friend, so treat yourself this year.


Yours, Team Ridecloud


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