Shared mobility news: BMW joins forces with Daimler

This month the world of car sharing had some important news. BMW and Daimler, both producers of premium cars, have joined forces on a new joint venture which pools several of their mobility services in one. The 1 billion dollar venture is an important step towards the improvement of all-electric mobility, ridesharing and a more comfortable, diverse solution. It shows that the world of shared mobility is growing by the minute.

These services were already provided by our big players, but by integrating their services, the shared mobility ecosystem evolves into one platform where you can more easily access the service that you need. We can only cheer for this movement because it will contribute to the higher goal: improving the liveability in our world.

Car-sharing providers Car2Go and DriveNow merged into Share now

If you want to see what each individual service implies, check the your-now website. What is interesting from our perspective is the Share now proposition.

Share now is a free-floating car sharing solution which enables you to rent and pay for a car share with an app (on your phone). You can choose amongst numerous cars that fit you best.

The mobility industry is evolving

Having these services with an already established consumer base, and combining them into a single platform, is truly a step forward for both companies. BMW and Daimler are not the only pair joining forces; amongst others, Ford and Volkswagen plan on a project together as well. It seems to be an interesting year in the mobility industry. Our guess is that there is much more to come. Our mission will be to include these providers within Ridecloud in the near future.

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