Ridesharing adventures of an Amsterdam expat

Hi! My name is Lucija and I live in Amsterdam since January this year. I am working here as an expat. For me, moving to Amsterdam was a chance to start over: a new and exciting chapter in my life, progressing personally and professionally. Part of that is also changing the way I commute.

Amsterdam is not like any other city I’ve ever lived in. Here, biking daily is a standard and it is not very popular to own a car in the city center. The cars that I do see around here are often electric cars, and saving the environment is a value highly cherished. I love being part of this fast developing, yet alternative community. The opportunities for us young professionals are endless, you just have to start thinking differently. The word of this city, for me, would be sustainable.

Daily commuting by Lucija

I commute a lot on a daily basis; work, meetings, dinners, free time. Soon I have learned that although public transport is well covered and organised, it does have its weaknesses… morning jams in the metro, waiting for the bus, and rivers of tourists everywhere. My home to work commute usually takes 40 minutes when I use public transport: I have to walk first, then change two metros. Often I am running late or arrive at the office quite tired. I wish there would be a better connection. Since the transport in Amsterdam is very expensive, I am ready to switch costs from public transport tickets to other means of transportation such as cars, scooters and even a bike when the weather is warmer.

At night, I like to hang out with my friends in the city centre. Often I go there directly from work, so I don’t have a bike with me. I rather wouldn’t have to take the night bus home. If it’s not raining, taking a bike would be nice to return home or an Uber would be a better solution for the colder nights.

Luckily, there are shared providers all around Amsterdam, but how do I find what is available?

Lucija, expat in Amsterdam

Weekends are my favourite part: it’s time to explore my new country! Luckily I am not alone in this; there are other new expats in town who wish to get away from city life in the weekend. Together we often plan trips to the country or even the beach. Our biggest issue is transport, price and connectivity. Each of us lives in a different part of Amsterdam, and for example, a train ticket to Breda costs 20€! Renting a car for the day and sharing the cost seems like the best solution for us. But what are our options? Where can we pick it up? How much would this cost?

Check all different options for different situations in Ridecloud.

Ridecloud has provided me with clear solutions in English. There is no confusion regarding the prices or pick-up points and it shows me a variety of providers I can use. My favourite is the fact that I can filter the choices to my wishes: sometimes it is impossible to take a car, and sometimes that is the only way. There are days when I am late for work and stuck in a busy jam on the metro, wishing I could just take a scooter and avoid the crowds. There are times when it’s raining so hard and I would like to arrive home in a warm car. Sometimes I just wish to drive along the beautiful Dutch countryside and take a break from the fuss in the city. All of this I have found in just one app.

Ridecloud is a faithful companion ever since I have moved to the Netherlands. You should try it out. I’ll keep you updated on this blog about all my future ridesharing trips and experiences. So see you next time!

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