Renault to launch carsharing service in Amsterdam

In January 2019, Renault will launch a carsharing service in Amsterdam adding 200 electric city cars in the city’s growing shared mobility pool. The model will be the five-door supermini electric car Renault ZOE. The cars will be placed around the main transit train and metro stations, but drivers will be able to park them anywhere within the parking zone at the city center. The news comes as a relief to the city’s carsharing enthusiasts who were not very happy with the departure of Hyundai’s Ioniq carsharing at the end of 2018. 

A one-way trip carsharing service

With Renault’s new fleet, the one-way shared cars in Amsterdam will reach 550. By one-way shared cars, we mean that you can pick up and park these cars anywhere within the parking range in the city center — without having to pay parking fees.

In comparison, round-trip shared cars, are picked up and returned in a designated parking spot. According to Het Parool, in 2017 Amsterdam reached a total of 5.500 shared cars, growing with almost 4 times more cars than 2013. We are following this new entrant closely and will keep you updated.

renault carsharing service in Amsterdam

Source: Iamsterdam

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