Parking fees in Amsterdam to rise in 2019

This fall, the city of Amsterdam announced that starting in April 2019, parking fees for vehicles without a parking license will rise significantly throughout the city; in certain neighborhoods, visitors will be asked to pay twice as much. These will reach the record price of 7,50/hour.

Which neighborhoods will be affected the most?

City officials say that this measure intends to discourage people without a parking permit taking their car into the city center. They believe this will result into fewer parking spots and greatly increase the city’s revenue from parking. On the other hand, this will encourage people to make more frequent use of the bike, public transport and shared mobility in the city center.

38 percent of the visitors in the city center are Amsterdammers

The increase in visitor rates, will not only affect drivers from outside the city. In fact, 38 percent of the visitors in the city center are Amsterdammers without a parking permit. For the time being, the parking permit fees for residents will not rise but officials do not deny the possibility that this will happen in the future.

amsterdam parked cars

Visitor permits get additional discount hours

Because the measure is going to be detrimental for certain groups, the city has decided to extend the number of discounted hours in visitors’ parking permits. Districts that now offer visitors a maximum of 30 discount hours per month, will give them 40 per month. A visitor’s permit allows drivers to park at a 50% discount on regular fees.

Source: Het Parool

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