One-way or round trip: which shared solution fits you best?

When planning your trip with shared mobility, there is a list of things to keep in mind to help you make the best decision which mode to choose.

1.     Choosing the start and end locations

2.     What kind of vehicle would you like to hire? (Car, motorbike, bike, taxi)

3.     Is this a one-way journey or will you return to the same spot later?

4.     What is the length of the trip?

Within the whole arena of shared mobility solutions, you will notice different provider options. Some of them offer only a one-way trip, while others have to be returned to the same spot you’ve picked the vehicle from. This depends on each provider, vehicle type and of course: your need.

Book a Greenwheels for a round trip with Ridecloud

Let’s have a look at the first option within Ridecloud: station to station.

The car sharing providers work under a ‘return to the parking spot’ principle. It makes sense to hire a car for longer trips and distances out of the city, so just choose a spot closest to your starting point. During your use of the car, you can park it where ever you want. Don’t forget to pay for parking! When returning it after the trip, you’ll need to park it at the same spot as where you started your trip. The same counts for Urbee, the shared e-bike provider. The positive side is that you will avoid the stress of searching for another station around town because you will know the car is to be returned to this specific spot.

Your options for a one-way trip

These carsharing options might not be the best option for you if you’re making a one-way journey. In this situation, our (e-)bike and scooter providers offer a different solution. Browse the map in our app, pick up the bike or scooter at a station closest to you  and you’re en route. Arrived? For Hello Bike: leave the bike at the station nearest to your end destination. Drove a Felyx? Leave it anywhere you like within the area. This enables you to be flexible and easy on the move.

Comfortable one-way trips using ride-hailing

A similar experience is ride-hailing, where you get dropped off by the driver anywhere you like. This is a great option if you don’t feel comfortable behind the wheel or you are a bit lost with the navigation in the city. Or, if you just feel like it 🙂 The ride with the driver will take all your worries away.

There is a personal solution for every ride!

There is a solution for any journey you have to take and we love to make sure to offer options for you that tailor your own mobility needs. Try it yourself in the app. Open the Ridecloud app.

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