Ioniq Carsharing stops at the end of 2018

Ioniq Car Sharing will halt its carsharing service in Amsterdam at the end of 2018. The carsharing service was launched in September 2017 with 100 electric Huyndai Ioniqs cars operating according to the one-way trip model.

The service reached 10.000 users who did approximately 100.000 trips within 14 months. Ioniq Car Sharing Amsterdam was an initiative of Hyundai and Car4Share. The last day you can use the service is December 30, 2018.

Carsharing enthusiasts will be happy to hear that a new party will fill the suddenly created gap. In January 2019, Renault will bring 200 shared ZOEs in Amsterdam. Want to browse other alternatives? Download the Ridecloud app for iOS.

Source: Groen7

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