Felyx scooter sharing expands to Rotterdam

Felyx, the Dutch e-scooter sharing service, just launched in Rotterdam, bringing 324 scooters in the city. Approximately one year ago, Felyx placed their first 100 e-scooters in Amsterdam and since the service has gained some very enthusiastic fans.

felyx e-scooter in Rotterdam

Here is how it works

Making an account

You can download the Felyx app on your smartphone and sign up to the service. You will need a driver’s license for car or scooter to validate your account. You will also need a Dutch home address and bank account.

Book an e-scooter

When your account has been validated, you can rent a scooter with your phone. Within the service area (usually the city center) users can rent a scooter for 30 cents per minute. You start the scooter with your smartphone. Felyx is a one-way trip service, which means you can park it anywhere within the service area.

Book a Felyx e-scooter today on Ridecloud.

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