Bike-sharing returns to Amsterdam in 2019

After a not-so-successful first try, the city of Amsterdam gives a second change to bike-sharing in the city center. Starting most likely in the spring of 2019, the city will give three bike-sharing providers license to place a total of 3.000 shared bikes.

Additionally, the municipality will allow two providers to offer each 250 electric mopeds and another two to place a maximum of 25 shared cargo bikes.

How will the new bike-sharing work?

In the summer of 2017, 7.000 shared bikes landed in Amsterdam. Soon, the fleet of this size became problematic, resulting in the city banning these services in the center after a few months from its application.

bike sharing Amsterdam

This time the city will try to regulate the use of shared bikes differently. Users will be able to pick up and park their bikes anywhere in the designated service area, with an exception of very busy spots in the city center such as major train and metro stations, popular squares and parks. There, the city will place dock stations dedicated to shared bikes.

In areas where there is not enough space for docking stations, the city is considering the conversion of car parking spots into space for bikes. The municipality states that 20 to 24 bicycles can be parked at a two-car parking spot.

The city wants fewer private bikes for residents

City officials say that bike-sharing is not intended for tourists. On the contrary, they hope that the availability of shared bikes will decrease the number of private bikes. Currently, it seems that there are more bicycles than residents in Amsterdam — the average number of bikes per household is 1.9. Looking at the whole country, the Dutch own an average of 1.3 bikes per person!

The city is also hoping that bike-sharing can also be used as an alternative to public transport by the local visitors of Amsterdam, either the ones that commute for work or leisure. Check out all available bike-sharing providers in the Ridecloud app.


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