Amsterdam gets fewer tram & bus stops

GVB, the public transport operator in Amsterdam, announced that it will be bringing down the number of bus and tram stops by 21. It is unclear when these cuts will begin and be completed. The current number in the city of Amsterdam is 850.

The company says, this decision intends to bring more efficiency to the city’s public transport network, by removing  ‘inefficient detours’, and stops that are barely used or that are located a too close to other stops. According to GVB, this will reduce travel time for passengers.

tram amsterdam

However, the Reizigersadviesraad (Passenger Advisory Council) claims that this measure will affect many citizens. It will result in decreased access to public transport as the distance between departure and arrival points to public transport stops is bound to increase.

GVB says that this measure will be beneficial to commuters, as it will free up resources for the operator to increase frequency in busier lines.

Source: Het Parool

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