9 things you can share which you never thought about

In a way, the sharing economy has existed for thousands of years. People have always shared tools and resources, but with the appearance of the internet, sharing economy (shareconomy) has become a widely spread phenomena which keep growing in the past decade specifically.

It enables individuals as well as groups to share assets that would be under-used only in the hands of one owner. It is a way to also generate revenue as well as be more sustainable. It is widely known how many unused cars, homes and other objects and spaces are there on a daily basis. It operates based on the premise that access is better than ownership, and you get to interact in the process.

‘’Shareconomy’ (sharing economy) is an uprising trend that brings additional value into our lives

In recent years, ‘’shareconomy’’ has evolved a lot: there are more and more things you can share, like co-working platforms (sharing a working space), peer to peer lending platforms (lending money to each other at lower rates), clothes sharing, data…

But there are also other, very interesting and less obvious things you can share. Here we name a few.

sharing an island
An island (Nanuku Levu island which you can rent for 315 pounds a night)
A backyard

A cotton candy machine
Wedding dresses

A guinea pig (yes, to test how good of a mini owner your child will be)
share economy watch
A Rolex
A chicken to lay eggs
Coffee machines
Or even a funeral casket.

At home, you probably have a few things that you didn’t even consider sharing, but when you think about it, many things that we own are mostly not in use and could benefit more than one person or family.

This is a mindset that is becoming more and more common in our society, and we at Ridecloud love it! Sharing assets encourages a sustainable future that will help us live on a better planet. Read more about our vision on our blog.

What else can we try and start sharing? Let us know on our social media channels.

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