About us


About Ridecloud

Ridecloud combines the powers of multiple mobility providers in one app. No need to switch back and forth between apps to see your options. Through Ridecloud you can get a quick overview of all rides near you on the map; compare rides, and book what’s right for you.

Bringing multiple providers in one place is only the first step. We are working hard towards a seamless and fully personalized shared mobility.
We believe that by bringing together multiple mobility providers in one single app, getting around will get easier, more convenient and affordable for everyone.


Our team

Ridecloud was founded by a small international team based in Amsterdam. We see ourselves as a fast race team, with the right engineers and staff to do anything for you: our main driver. Get to know us by hovering our photos!

Stephan Romp

Team Boss

Kariem Hamed

Chief Business Evangelist

Joline Kool

Chief Happy Growth

Britt Hubers

Social Media Ninja

Lucija Macjen

Social Media Ninja

Taco Deurvorst

Chief Aerodynamics

Antonio González Artime

Tech Lead

Alexander Tesfamichael

Race Architect

Dirk Geurs

Race Engineer

Paolo Marino

Race Engineer

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